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 562 Making objects work

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PostSubject: 562 Making objects work   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:11 pm

Alright first you want your object that you want to work to tele someone/ give an item to someone.

-EXAMPLE SOUL WARS PORTAL. -- \src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\Object1PacketHandler


  case 42219://Enter Soul Wars Lobby
  player.tele(1886, 3178 , 0);
  player.WalkTo().GoTo(player, x, y-1);

CASE 42219 IS OBJECT PLAYER.TELE IS when you click it it will tele you somewhere
where the coords are placed.

Now making an object so that when you click it it will respond to you with an item (very helpful if you want to make a special area click on the chest for items)


  case 42024: //Red Bandage table
  player.getInventory().addItem(4049, 1);

CASE 42024 IS THE OBJECT ID AGAIN -  and its red bandage table. And
player.getinventory().additem(ITEM ID HERE, AMOUNT); there.

I hope this helped you on making objects tele-able or pickable for items.
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PostSubject: reply   Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:26 am

well u covered a basic thing,but how about details such as which team the player is on,u still have to declare in players java variables for these things,and make them return as true when u start the game as a specfic team.and as for the bone praying and all that other stuff,just declare booleans and use the coords x to x and y to y to create the areas for obelisk and grave,so u can just use a code a if method,and do somthing like for itemselect

If (p.booleanmethodhere && p.(teamvariablehere = true) {
===effect would go over here,including the animation,effect on the lvl of avatar ,etc which u have to set string for,seperatly,but alll info here.
it would be better iuf u delcared are void an did somthing like this.


then after the info u wanna make it so it closes and u declare if a player burys a bone otherwise. it would go somthing ike this

} else {
i--------------------what u want the bone to do ,if player is else
where.like anywhere else.

then after that close the case with a


that was just a basic exsample,hopes this helps.
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562 Making objects work
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